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Groningen is the undisputed national champion when it comes to shopping. Both the whimsical Folkingestraat and the charming Zwanestraat have been named the Coolest Shopping Street in the Netherlands in recent years. This winter, discover for yourself why shopping in Groningen is so cool. Stray from the beaten path a bit, and go gift hunting in the smaller boutiques and concept stores. Most shops stay open on Sundays, and offer additional shopping evenings around the holidays. Need a bit more inspiration for your afternoon shopping? We can recommend a few interesting spots for you. Because going shopping together is very Groningen.

HK Living Brand Store | Sustainable home trends

Oude Boteringestraat 11 - HK Living Brand Store is always a place to discover new trends. The products are hand-made and have a natural character. Aside from the attractive HK Living collection, you can also find Putumayo World Music and self-composed cards and posters. The shop is filled with curiosities, and something different will catch your eye with every visit. And that in itself is a good reason to come by often. 

Van Erp | Drinks, wines and beers, a fourth-generation family business

Grote Kromme Elleboog 16 - Four generations of Van Erps have been supplying the North with superb spirits, fine wines and a variety of beers from home and abroad. In the back of their distinctive shop, which once housed a distillery, they sometimes hold whisky and wine tastings. Like beer? With some 500 bottled beers, this is the place to go to supplement your beer collection and find that perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. Beer is a hot item – which is why, as we speak, the shop is expanding to add a separate room for seasonal beer. Next year will see celebrations marking 100 years of Van Erp. We’ll drink to that! How about with Olle Grieze bitters, based on a recipe by none other than... that’s right, Van Erp himself!

BIEN | Fashion, home decorations and lifestyle

Oosterstraat 54 - A fashion, home decoration and lifestyle shop full of clothing and accessories from Dutch and Scandinavian brands. The BIEN concept store has an industrial vibe and offers a truly inspiring setting with a Scandinavian ambiance. Everything in the shop is for sale, from home accessories and cookbooks, to side tables and pillows. Get yourself something cool, or pick up a gift.

Tim - Tom | Vintage, retro & second-hand design

Nieuwe Ebbingestraat 19 - Tim-Tom is a Scandinavian-style vintage concept store. It offers retro articles, house plants and second-hand interior design items. From rare record players to fresh plants, from Scandinavian design to fine art prints.

KOKOTOKO | Concept store for do-gooders

Oosterstraat 26 - A concept store for people who want to do their part for a better world. Do-gooders who want to support fair wages and safe working conditions in far-off lands as well as in their own local economy. Looking for something special? The KOKOTOKO store holds little to no stock, so you won’t be seeing your new shirt on every street corner.

Magasin Dstrezzed | New year, new wardrobe

Zwanestraat 2-4 – Dstrezzed is a Dutch brand that caters to the modern man. This one-brand store is the first Dstrezzed brand store in the Netherlands, an initiative by Clement, who owns the men’s fashion store CledingRaad across the road.

TOET het TOETjesparadijs | Warm up with a cup of coffee & a tasty treat

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 85 & Ubbo Emmiusstraat 19 - This café is highly recommended for those with a sweet tooth. Something sweet to go with your coffee? At TOETjesparadijs, you can say: some coffee to go with my treat. The treats vary from day to day, and are often made from local, organic and gluten-free products. For those who just can’t get enough sweets, they offer a TOET dinner, consisting of seven courses of desserts – both sweet and savoury. The dinner is a full evening programme from 18:00 to 22:00, so you’ll be taking your sweet time, both literally and figuratively.

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