Taste together

Groningers enjoy their food and drink, which you can certainly tell from the city’s street scape. At nearly early street corner, you will find a café, coffee nook, diner or restaurant. From French bistros to tea rooms, and hip vegan diners to fancy cocktail bars. The great thing is you never have far to walk from one interesting eatery to the next. Below is a selection of the delectable fare that Groningen has to offer. Bon appetite, or as we say here: ‘eet smakelijk’, because eating together is very Groningen.

Bellami's Bar à Manger | Little France

Grote Kromme Elleboog 13 - Feeling some nostalgia for your last summer holiday in France? Groningen has its own little piece of France, hidden away in one of the most charming restaurant streets in town. Bellami’s Bar à Manger offers delicious bistro meals, fine cheeses, cold meats and of course a glass of nicely paired wine. More about >>

Food Matterz Café | Diner & delicatessen for the discerning foodie

Oude Ebbingestraat 86 – The Food Matterz Café was founded on the belief that food and eating matter. In a world that gives little to no thought to where food comes from, the Food Matterz Café is a place where the staff knows what makes the product so special, and where the ingredients came from. For anyone who loves quality products that are unique, attractive and taste great. Products with a story. More about >>

Cappuvino | For coffee lovers, with a view over the Vismarkt

Vismarkt 1 - Anyone who likes to start the day with a proper cup of coffee, or end it with a nice glass of wine, should pop up the stairs to Cappuvino. Cappuvino is a modern wine, cocktail and coffee bar that is all about quality and ambiance. What’s more, guests can enjoy a variety of finger food, a lovely view over the Vismarkt and live jazz every Sunday. Not too shabby!

Wadapartja | A bit different, but certainly organic

Gedempte Zuiderdiep 39-41 - Wadapartja is one of the greenest eateries in Groningen, as the daily menu is determined by what is growing and fruiting in its own vegetable garden. Wadapartja strives to minimise food waste and maximise the use of organic products. Another interesting feature is that everything in the restaurant, down to the tables and coffee beans, is for sale. That is indeed something different!

Mr. Mofongo | A world of cocktails, and much more

Oude Boteringestraat 26 - Mr. Mofongo is a tribute to the prominent South American world traveller of the same name. The restaurant was inspired by the travels of this professional adventurer, which is not only visible in its unique interior, but also in the variety of international fare on offer. An array of different bars and eateries, all under one roof: tapas bar, coffee room, world cuisine restaurant, wine cellar, distillery and of course a well-stocked cocktail bar. The latter is fitted out with a real robotic arm that pours you shots from the wall. In short: you can easily while away an entire evening here.

Denderz | Family-friendly dining

Westerkade 5 - A weekend in Groningen with the whole family? Brilliant! Because Groningen has lots to offer for your little ones, also for lunch and dinner. The family-friendly Denderz café is a unique concept that combines a restaurant and children’s concept store under one roof. While the kids are having fun in the play corner, you can relax and shop or enjoy a coffee or meal. 

Belgian Café de Pintelier | The beer lovers’ paradise

Kleine Kromme Elleboog 9 - This is the place to go for a refreshing pint of Belgian beer in Groningen. Belgian Café de Pintelier has been a landmark in the craft beer world for years. Marvel at the extensive drinks menu and enjoy a superb Belgian craft beer. Prefer a local brew? Groningen also offers plenty of alternatives for beer tasting.

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