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Groningen is a true capital of culture. And what better way to spend a chilly winter day than by warming up in one of the city’s many museums? There is something for everyone, and thanks to the short distances, it’s easy to visit several museums in a day. For instance, this winter you can test your bird knowledge with the 'BLOCBIRDS' art project in the GRID Grafisch Museum, or experience the magic of  Chihuly’s sensational creations in the Groninger Museum. Can’t decide? We’ve prepared a list of six eye-catching exhibitions for you. Because taking in culture together is very Groningen.

BLOCBIRDS | GRID Grafisch Museum

Studio 212 Fahrenheit / Roelof Bos Studio 212 Fahrenheit / Roelof Bos

Until 6 January 2019 –  'BLOCBIRDS' features 25 graphic designs showcasing the beauty of the birds around us in a unique way. This special exhibition is based on the colour combinations that characterise common bird species. To help you out, GRID not only has 'pixelated' birds hanging on the wall, they also have real-life examples on display. Can you identify them?

Chihuly | Groninger Museum

8 December 2018 to 5 May 2019 - The Groninger Museum will enchant you with the sensational creations of world-renowned American artist Dale Chihuly (1941). A spectacle of glass, light and colour for the whole family. The exhibition was specially curated for the museum in partnership with the Chihuly Studio, and is the largest Chihuly museum collection in Europe in the last 20 years. Comprising 16 installations displayed both in the museum and outside, the Groninger Museum offers a complete overview of all highlights in the artist’s work. More about >>

Grrom! Een tentoonstelling met een staartje | Groninger Museum

Until 31 March 2019 - Large animals, small animals, imaginary beasts, creepy-crawlies, a chicken without a head and a blue dog. You’ll find them all at the Grrr! exhibition. With works from the house collection of the Groninger Museum, which, for once, do not focus on people or landscapes. The animals had been camping out for some time in the museum depot, but were stirred from their slumbers specially for this exhibition. More about >>

Made in Stad | Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum

Until 10 February 2019 – Jacobus Abraham Huizinga (1861-1937) set up the 'Nederland’ furniture factory in the city of Groningen in 1889. This factory on the Westersingel manufactured thousands upon thousands of chairs. Chairs to pass down to new generations, chairs with histories and stories. Chairs for use in the kitchen, and chairs for the mayor and aldermen. At the Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum, you can learn all about this furniture factory, once known throughout the country. The exhibition is supplemented with designs by students from various schools in Groningen and with miniature chairs made by children at the rehabilitation centre in Beetsterzwaag. 

Plenty plaatjes | Nederlands Stripmuseum

Until 2 March 2019 - 'Plenty plaatjes' showcases the work of cartoonist and illustrator Willem Vleeschouwer (1950), known for his dynamic drawing style and his lively, bold contours. His best-known strip cartoon is De spoorstraat. Plenty plaatjes is one of the last exhibitions in the only comic strip museum in the Netherlands. At the end of 2019, the Nederlands Stripmuseum will become part of Storyworld - a new museum for animation, comic strips and games in the all-new Groninger Forum at the Nieuwe Markt square. More about >>

Beyond the Lab | Universiteitsmuseum

Until 14 April 2019 – Science is just for scientists – or is it? Beyond the Lab tells seven stories about people that make scientific research accessible to the masses. More and more DIY fans around the world are looking for solutions, experiments and discoveries: all outside of the traditional laboratory. This exhibition is an initiative of Sparks, and shows how ideas are changing around what a scientist is and what science can look like. More about >>

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