Wintercity Groningen

Shop together

Groningen is the undisputed national champion when it comes to shopping. Both the whimsical Folkingestraat and the charming Zwanestraat have been named the Coolest Shopping Street in the Netherlands in recent years. This winter, discover for yourself why shopping in Groningen is so cool. Stray from the beaten path a bit, and go gift hunting in the smaller boutiques and concept stores. Most shops stay open on Sundays, and offer additional shopping evenings around the holidays. Need a bit more inspiration for your afternoon shopping? We can recommend a few interesting spots for you. Because going shopping together is very Groningen.

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Take in culture together

Groningen is a true capital of culture. And what better way to spend a chilly winter day than by warming up in one of the city’s many museums? There is something for everyone, and thanks to the short distances, it’s easy to visit several museums in a day. For instance, this winter you can test your bird knowledge with the 'BLOCBIRDS' art project in the GRID Grafisch Museum, or experience the magic of  Chihuly’s sensational creations in the Groninger Museum. Can’t decide? We’ve prepared a list of six eye-catching exhibitions for you. Because taking in culture together is very Groningen.

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Taste together

Groningers enjoy their food and drink, which you can certainly tell from the city’s street scape. At nearly early street corner, you will find a café, coffee nook, diner or restaurant. From French bistros to tea rooms, and hip vegan diners to fancy cocktail bars. The great thing is you never have far to walk from one interesting eatery to the next. Below is a selection of the delectable fare that Groningen has to offer. Bon appetite, or as we say here: ‘eet smakelijk’, because eating together is very Groningen.

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